Spaceface is a psychedelic rock/pop band from Memphis TN. Using creative soundscapes, groovy rhythms, and catchy vocal melodies, Spaceface has taken vintage psychedelic rock and blended it with pop and surf influences to form a truly unique sound. With their high energy and quality stage presentation, Spaceface puts on a show that will leave you dazed and wanting more.

Spaceface EP

4 out of 5



“If you like out of body experiences, or at least music that sounds like one, then a good first stop is Spaceface’s self-titled EP Spaceface. It contains five songs laden with more genre influences than you can shake a stick at – all of which play well together to create a really cool sound.

I enjoyed the experience of sitting back and allowing this album to surround and carry me. This is very much the stuff good psychedelic music is made of; the fact that so many other musical sounds and techniques were incorporated was a bonus. Spaceface have really discovered a winning formula with this EP and have the fundamentals that are sure to bode them well over time.”

“In the digital age, there is a new band on the radar every week, and it’s hard to find anything that stands out. But in a pool of up-and-coming bands that blend together, Spaceface has fused psychedelic rock ‘n roll with pop in a way that makes them – dare it be said – unique.

But it isn’t just bassist Matt Strong and drummer Victor Quinn Hill’s groovy rhythm section, Eric Martin’s washed out guitars, Jake Ingalls’ trippy vocals or Peter Armstrong’s spacey keyboards that will pull you in. When Spaceface loads in for a show, they don’t just bring their gear. The band carries an extravagant light show to every gig, and when they take the stage, the guitarists have lasers attached to the necks of their instruments. A sixth member, Daniel Quinlan, operates hundreds of multi-colored bulbs, lasers, LED rope lights and whatever else the band can get their hands on from side stage. A Spaceface show is as much a production as it is a performance. The band has stolen the light show typical of an arena rock act and made it their own in hopes that they can give showgoers the most for their money.”

-Josh Cannon, The Memphis Flyer

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